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Powerfund Portfolios: Professionally Assembled Model Portfolios

We tell Powerfund followers the percentage of their money to invest in each fund, and they assemble the portfolio they're following in their own brokerage accounts. When we make a trade in a model portfolio, followers of that portfolio mimic the trade in their account. 

Favorite Funds: Our Picks for the Best Funds in Every Category!

It's like the Oscars for mutual funds. Favorite Funds is our list of the very best funds in every category, in all their no-load low-cost glory. We tell you what we think is the best overall fund in each category, and throw in our picks for the best ETF, best low minimum fund, and even the best no-transaction fee fund. 

Fund Snapshot: The Easy Way To Find Great Mutual Funds!

Looking to build a portfolio of high-quality low-cost mutual funds, but don't have an advanced finance degree? We've distilled billions of bytes of mutual fund data down to a few easy-to-understand graphics that let non-experts make better informed buy and sell decisions.

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Enter a name or ticker symbol into the Fund-O-Matic at the top of the page, or use the dropdown menus to see a list of funds in a category. Or, check out the Powerfund Portfolios by clicking here, our Fund Screener by clicking here, or our complete list of Favorite funds by clicking here.

MAXadvisor Private Management

MAXadvisor Private Management is a “pure” fee-only investment advisor, which means that unlike many financial advisors, we have a simple and low-cost fee structure: we charge a microscopic .50% of assets under management per year.