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May 2024 Performance Review

Rising speculation in crypto and meme stocks didn’t seem to alarm investors even though it could mean the Fed is going to keep burning money a bit longer.

April 2024 Performance Review

In April 2024 the financial markets experienced heightened volatility due to an increase in interest rates, which impacted bond prices. Our Conservative portfolio declined by 3.86%, while our Aggressive portfolio fell 3.06%.

March 2024 Performance Review

March deviated from the norm with the S&P 500 index not beating 90% of fund returns — it was more in the middle of all stock fund categories with a still respectable 3.22% gain. It seems the longstanding outperformance of the top growth stocks may be waning.

February 2024 Performance Review

The market booked another strong month for U.S. stocks. The only foreign market that outperformed the U.S. in February was China which rebounded nearly 10%.

January 2024 Performance Review

December's significant returns for stocks and bonds largely fizzled out in January, at least for non-US stocks.

2023 Performance Review

Falling inflation, a surprisingly robust economy, and expectations of reduced short-term rates led to a dramatic decrease in long-term rates and a significant stock market rally, especially in speculative sectors that suffered in 2022.

November 2023 Performance Review

November was a month for the record books. The bond market abruptly reversed course as investors collectively decided that 5% on a ten-year government bond was about as high as we're going to see.

October 2023 Performance Review

With the strength in early November, The S&P 500 index is only about 5% away from all-time highs hit at the end of 2021. The bond market is still down about 20% from the highs, with longer-term government bonds down around 40% — the biggest drop ever.

September 2023 Performance Review

The hot US stock market couldn't handle the renewed slide in bonds, leading to a decline of over 4% for a balanced portfolio of stocks and bonds for the month. Despite this, the economy remains strong, even as 30-year fixed rate mortgages approach 7%, reminiscent of the worst of the bond market hit in 2022. 

August 2023 Performance Review

The economy is not slipping into a recession so far, at least not in the USA. However, rates are expected to remain high due to escalating costs in energy and housing. Notably, only short-term bond funds exhibited growth last month, with almost all fund categories sinking. Some riskier bond funds were the exception, benefiting from a robust economy that supports higher default risk bonds.