Attempted Letter Bombing at Janus

February 16, 2007

Some nut has targeted Janus Capital in a letter bomb attack:

The first explosive device was found by an employee in an investment firm's mail room in Kansas City. The package contained a pipe bomb.

The second bomb was sent to Janus Capitol Group in Denver, but was rerouted to Chicago. Neither bomb exploded.

"This case is our top priority. We are very serious about solving this case. We put all of our top people on this investigation," said postal Inspector Paul Trimbur.

The person responsible for the bombs has identified himself as "The Bishop." He may be linked to other threatening letters sent to financial institutions over the past 18 months, officials said."


We sure hope it had nothing to do with Janus' appearance in our Six Annual Mutual Fund Turkey Awards this year:

Share The Wealth…And The Losses: Janus Olympus

Olympus merged with Janus Orion (JORNX), bringing with it billions in tax-loss carry-forwards from the tech crash. Now slightly less unfortunate Orion shareholders get to benefit from these Olympus losses. (The portfolio manager can realize gains and wipe them out with losses to minimize year end taxable distributions to shareholders). Both fund shareholders are now in a bigger fund that’s slightly more difficult to manage. What about fees? They remain the same. Chalk up one more tech-wreck track record swept under the rug. It’s win-win…for Janus."

Heck, they were only an honorable mention.