MAX on Fox News

May 18, 2007 co-founder Jonas Ferris predicts big declines in condo prices and lays out some mutual fund strategies you can employ to profit from those declines. In the video Ferris discusses the faulty logic of ‘investing’ $1,000 into home renovations and generating $3,000 or more of instant value added. It’s a video you won’t want to miss, unless you are a producer of “Flip This House”.

Best Recession-Proof Fund

March 11, 2007

What kind of mutual funds or ETFs will do well if we have an economic recession? Will interest rates fall, or has the Federal Reserve already played that hand? What about the U.S. dollar? MAXfunds co-founder Jonas Ferris gives his pick for the best fund to own during a recession in this FOX News video. Note: You'll have to click the 'Click here to view your video, "Cashin' In"' link on the page you'll see if you click the clickable 'LINK' link below.


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