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December 2021 Performance Review

If ever there was a year for American exceptionalism, it was 2021. Our vaccines, if not our deployment, were at the top of the global heap (with some help from Germany). Our stock market as measured by the S&P 500 delivered a remarkable 28%+ return for the year, while the main foreign developed markets index was up around 8%.

November 2021 Performance Review

On November 26, we decreased our official stock allocation from 67% to 62% in our Aggressive Portfolio and 45% to 42% in our Conservative Portfolio.

October 2021 Performance Review

The brief weakness in stocks in September didn't last. Any fears of inflation, stagflation, global supply shortages, and the like melted away as the S&P 500, with dividends, returned 7%, leading to a 5.13% three-month return and a whopping 24% year-to-date

September 2021 Performance Review

High inflation with rising energy prices was unsettling enough, but add interest rates on a move back up and it all seemed to be too much for investors to handle. In September almost all fund categories were down, except energy, commodities, and Japan.

August 2021 Performance Review

The S&P 500 beat 95% of fund categories last month, once again leaving portfolios in the dust as mega cap growth and tech stocks continued to dominate, much like they did in bubbly 1999. With no real standouts other than perhaps utilities, we barely beat bonds last month.

July 2021 Performance Review

In July, the S&P 500 was in the top 5% of fund categories as market cap-weighted investing in US companies continued to dominate global investing after a brief pause in leadership. The few hot areas that did slightly better last month were yield oriented, as rates drifted lower again in the face of rising inflation and investors snapped up any yields over 2%.

June 2021 Performance Review

Our focus on yesterday's losers and some shorts on tech dragged at our returns last month, though some hot areas, like energy and Brazil, kept us in the game with the drag of value stocks.

May 2021 Performance Review

Large cap growth and tech names are no longer driving the big gains and are even dragging on the market cap weighted indexes as smaller and cheaper stocks catch up, which benefits our current portfolios.

April 2021 Performance Review

It was the best of times, it was the best of times. The only thing that seems capable of burning investors now is just that: too many good times. The S&P 500 was back in the top 10% of the entire universe of over 100 fund categories, and in the top 15% for the year. Our portfolio saw more of our funds underperforming the index as well.

March 2021 Performance Review

The stock market moved back up on increasing optimism that the upcoming roaring post-COVID economy is going to lift all boats, and plenty of yachts, too. This wasn't good for bonds, which have been struggling for months now (except for inflation-protected bonds), as the consensus is that inflation is going to take off with interest rates.